Limited-Edition Warren Buffett Collectible Cherry Coke Cans Released Exclusively in China

Watch this video about these special cans, and how you can buy them.

It might seem strange to many people from western nations - and even incredible - that China, as a nation governed by the Communist Party of China - would allow an image of America’s most famous “capitalist” investor, Mr Warren Buffett, to be distributed across China on the side of these new Cherry Coke cans.

Reuters / Jason Lee

However the reality is, since the 1979 “Reform and Opening Up” policies initiated by Chairman Deng Xiao Ping, China has been enthusiastically pursuing a social-market economy economic model, which has activated and empowered the entrepreneurial, business and investor DNA that is deeply ingrained in the Chinese people. Chinese, like people everywhere, love to make money and to pursue a better life for their families. Saving and investing is the national pastime in China! 

And when it comes to investors in China, there is no one more famous, or more widely followed, than Warren Buffett.

Given the Chinese Government strongly promotes economic development, hard work, and prudent investing for their citizens to improve their economic prosperity, Mr Buffett is a perfect choice for Coca-Cola to use as a well-known inspirational symbol to promote Cherry Coke's launch in China.

The Chairman of the Coca-Cola Company, Mr Muhtar Kent, approached Mr Buffett with the idea of using a caricature of his likeness for the Cherry Coke launch in China. Mr Buffett agreed, for a 6 month period, without payment to support Coca-Cola's Cherry Coke China launch. 

Coca-Cola China has done a brilliant job - as you can see in the official promotional graphic.

This very unique and rare Warren Buffett collectible can could take pride of place in your den or office, on your desk, on a bookshelf or in a display case. And think of the friends in your circle who would love to display 1, 3 or even 6 of these special cans in a prominent location. 

3 x cans displaying 3 x Buffett panels
3 x cans displaying 2 x Buffett and 1 x Coke logo panels
3 x cans displaying 2 x Coke logo and 1 x Buffett panels
3 x cans displaying Coke logo, Buffett and Ingredients panels